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Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. Or so said Pink Floyd.

3 excellent reasons for US investors to invest abroad.

If you’re an European company trying to raise money in Silicon Valley, you’ll know the song’s chorus quickly: If you ain’t here, you’re not raising money. That’s pretty silly.

Reason 1: US Taxation is a mess, and leads to trapped cash.

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Okay, so there’s no language barrier, but there may be a cultural difference or two.

Ergo: Companies are moving abroad

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Burger King: Now technically a Canadian company.

‘Investing the money’ could take many different guises — real estate, shares in other companies… Or M&A activity.

Trapped cash means acquisitions

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Activision’s purchase of King Entertainment was largely done with Trapped Cash, causing a huge effective discount over using profits that had already been taxed in the US.

Reason 2: Less competitive market means better deals

Reason 3: Oh, and wages aren’t insane

I’m just going to find a cash machine…

VC companies are futurists and enablers of technology. Investing locally only just seems as if it’s too easy, too shortsighted, and too limiting.

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CEO of Konf, pitch coach for startups, enthusiastic dabbler in photography.

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