Drawing and re-drawing our mental models of the world around us is exhausting. But without it, we get stuck.

  • Ingestion / absorption / seeking
  • Integration / Processing.
  • Production / output / dissemination.
  • Maintenance / rest / prepare for the next cycle.

Canon, Nikon, Sony, and the rest of the pack: You have an opportunity to make a small but important change. Go on, lead the way.

Screen shot from the B&H website, but it would be unfair to single them out — almost all manufacturers and retailers use this language to describe strobes and remotes.

So, what’s the problem?

On Moving towards the light.

Are you willing to pay the price of systemic racism by using a closed platform like Clubhouse? As a leader of communities, your answer should be “no”.

Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash


What if it were impossible to receive wealth from your parents and illegal to give money to your children?

When my previous therapist invited me to imagine murdering someone, I knew I needed another therapist.

Drowning, he said, because people can’t speak when they are drowning

It turns out that shooting Polaroids in the studio isn’t impossible — it just takes a little bit of engineering and ingenuity. Here’s how I turned a $200 toy into a studio camera.

Being able to use studio lights with the Polaroid camera was a ton of fun.

Haje Jan Kamps

CEO of Konf, pitch coach for startups, enthusiastic dabbler in photography.

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