I close my eyes right now, I can still smell them. Three or four bookcases, full of books, all cheap wood-pulp paperbacks. The kind of paperback that when you pick it up, you wonder how something with so many pages could weigh so little. Coffee- and curry-stained books, purchased…

More and more, I’m getting pitches from PR folks that are marked as ‘draft’. Honestly, as a reporter, I don’t give two craps if it’s a draft or not — if you’re sharing info with me, you’re sharing info with me.

I’ve had a bit of a break from being a tech reporter, and I’ve gotta say — things haven’t gotten better over the last five years. More than once in the last few weeks, I’ve had people share something with me, then tried to withdraw the information. That’s… not how…

I’ve made this joke many times, but nobody laughed.


It made sense to me. Glasses are lenses. Lenses need to be clean in order to perform their function. If you a photographer has dirty eyeglasses, how could you possibly trust them?

But I missed something important.

For one, glasses that are dirty are still better than no glasses at…

Never underestimate the depth of “it works for me.” Humans are complex. We play such a lattice weave of roles for each other, and it shifts at incredible speed.

This happens in all aspects of life, but in particular, with the people you grow closest to. We all live at least two lives. I suspect most of us live orders of magnitude more, but because we intersect with people in specific ways, we’re not able to see it.


Here’s a handy Google Docs template you can use to help have better safer sex talks. Fill it in and share it with would-be partners, or use it as a reminder to yourself when you have the conversation.

As a part of my work in the Human Awareness Institute, both as the organization’s podcast host and as a workshop participant, I’ve done a lot of thinking about consent and safer sex conversations.

One of the things the organization encourages is that if you have an interaction with any…

The thing you don’t understand about begging

You have two dollars, they need one. It is so easy to judge someone for asking for half of what you own. But the thing you don’t understand is that there is literally nothing else a beggar can do. If there was anything else — anything that was available, an…

When the TalkSpace therapist couldn’t promise confidentiality, I knew I was barking up the wrong tree.

I’ve been on a journey of navigating the maze of my inner world for years — to figure out my recurring anxiety and depression. As with all mazes, I found a number of blind ends; for me, one of them was one of the app-based therapy services that started popping…

A lot of companies have an awful track record at running employee referral programs. It doesn't have to be that way — here’s some suggestions.

A great hire can make or break a project, team, or company — I’ve seen that firsthand in dozens of companies I’ve advised over the years. And while employee referrals have their own quirks, doing them well can be a powerful rocket-booster to your hiring process.

1 — Build a culture where referrals are taken seriously

Pick that guy!

To your existing team…

I’ve long joked that one of the reasons I have to start my own companies is that I’m virtually unemployable. The joke stopped being funny when I realized it might just be true.

uite a few people believe in hiring people with T-shaped skills. I do, too, as it happens, but the problem I have is that my T is extraordinarily weird-shaped. To use the T-shape analogy, the cross-beam on my skill-set is is extremely chunky, while the beam it rests on is…

Haje Jan Kamps

Writer, startup pitch coach, enthusiastic dabbler in photography.

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