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How to run an efficient affiliate programme

1) Find awesome customers
2) Incentivise them to promote you
3) ???

The Challenge: Telling people about us.

If you’ve never heard of Triggertrap before, check out this 90-second intro video.
As I’m writing this, our Behind the scenes video has had around 12k views. Nothing compared to the around 250k views our main LapseLondon video has received, but a lot of fun nonetheless — and a chance for us to show off what we do!

Aside: A (very) quick introduction to affiliate marketing

Why affiliate marketing?

Affiliates to promote word-of-mouth marketing

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On our website, we have an extensive library of resources for our affiliates to use.

Picking our partner

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This awesome photograph by Triggertrap user Paul Shears originally turned up in our Flickr pool. Needless to say, the picture became very popular (because it’s awesome!). Because Paul highlighted that the photo was taken with Triggertrap, he’s helping us spread the word about Triggertrap.

Setting up the scheme

Signing up affiliates

Supporting the affiliates

Affiliate Newsletter

For Star Wars Day (May the 4th), we created a separate Timelapse tutorial. By asking our affiliates to share it, they had some fun content, and we got some additional sales. Win-win!

The affiliate resource base

The Triggertrap affiliate school

The three big wins

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CEO of Konf, pitch coach for startups, enthusiastic dabbler in photography.

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