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The Portable Demo Deck

Make your business cards stand out by using them actively when you’re explaining why people should care about you.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably had to explain what your business does hundreds — if not thousands — of times. A lot of people use a Powerpoint or iPad presentation to help maximise the impact of the demo, which is great, but what if you don’t have your iPad on you, or if you don’t feel like digging your laptop out of your backpack in a crowded pub or on the bus?

My solution is to use Moo cards. With Moo, you’re able to print 50 different designs on the back of your business cards… Doesn’t that sound a lot like a demo deck? Why yes, it does.

Allow me to demo…

What is that, you say? You’d rather have a video demo? Well, of course!

So, how does it work?

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You don’t need a lot of cards — but they do have to help you tell the story.

When you are asked about what you do, fish your stack of Moo cards out of your pocket, and use it to do your demo. Explain what your business, service, or product does, just like you’ve done a thousand times before.

The magic sauce is this: At some point during your demo, you’ll usually find that the person you are demoing to has an ‘a-ha’ moment: The precise moment where they decide that they get what you are talking about, and that they have made the mental decision to get back to you.

Take the card they were looking at when the penny dropped, flip it over to reveal that it is your business card, and hand it over to them. Trust me: They’ll never forget why they took your card.

So simple. So effective. Get your deck in order, get some Moo cards with a 10% discount, and get started.

Haje is a founder coach, working with a small, select number of startup founders to build exciting, robust organizations that can stand the test of time. Find out more at You can also find Haje on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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CEO of Konf, pitch coach for startups, enthusiastic dabbler in photography.

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