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Pebble Time makes perfect sense because Apple

What is a multi-million-unit-selling company doing back on Kickstarter? Because any sale they make today is a sale Apple doesn’t.

“Why the hell”, I overheard on the bus the other day, “Is Pebble doing a Kickstarter project? It’s not like they need it!”

Gauging popularity

Yes, the Pebble Time was always going to be a tremendously popular smartwatch. But how popular? That’s a multi-million-dollar question: You don’t want to make a ton of watches that sit in a warehouse for months, but it would be worse to make too few watches, and end up missing sales.

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About as subtle as a swift kick to the face. Also: Burn.

Apple’s Watch in gold. Because obviously subtlety isn’t Apple’s strong side, either.

The apple play

That’s right, Apple announced their Watch a while ago, in a move that’s very a-typical for the Cupertino outfit, who have a tendency to keep their launches notoriously close to their chests until the product is ready.

The Pebble response

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Pebble Time: lovely piece of kit!

And finally: Marketing

Does Pebble need the money from a Kickstarter campaign? Probably not — but even if Apple wasn’t breathing down their proverbial necks, being able to shout things like ‘Pebble Time is the Fastest Funded Project In Kickstarter History’ from the rooftops is hardly going to harm anything.

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