Your loudest customers are loudest

Not all customers are created the same — here’s how to turn that to your advantage.

If you’ve been working in customer service / customer support for a while, you’ll start to realise that customers come with a different ‘volume’. Some are silently menacing, some are bold and brash, and some are… Well, very ‘loud’ indeed. These are the kinds of customers that will complain loudly — often in e-mails that are in all-caps, frequently including swearwords, or insinuations about your maternal provenance. They can be incredibly difficult to deal with.

But when you do, there’s a very important thing to keep in mind: Your loudest customers are habitually loud, and whilst they can be absolutely nightmare-ish to handle, if you handle them well, the reward can be astronomical. Everyone in customer support will be able to give examples of a ‘loud’ customer who was helped well, and then turned into an enormous asset as a brand ambassador.

Think about it: Someone who runs into your customer support office with their proverbial swords drawn, thinking they are facing a long and uphill battle, will continue being surprised by how well you deal with it… And will then — as loudly as their original complaint — continue to sing your praises to whoever will listen. They will recommend you to their friends. They will fight on your behalf if someone complains to them (“What? Rubbish! Have you tried calling them — they were great when I had a problem”), and they will come back for your custom in the future.

Your loudest customers are loudest. Use that to your advantage.

Haje is a pitch coach based in Silicon Valley, working with a founders all over the world to create the right starting point for productive conversations with investors — from a compelling narrative to a perfect pitch. You can find out more at You can also find Haje on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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CEO of Konf, pitch coach for startups, enthusiastic dabbler in photography.

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